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1G1 Studio Belfast,
Edenderry Industrial Estate
326 Crumlin road

5 min drive from city centre

Free and 24/7 secure parking
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Studio size: 7m wide and 8,5m long

Our studio fit up to 25 - 30  people


All equipment from the list below is included in the standard rental price.
Please contact us to discuss specific requests.

Studio Hire

8:00 – 21:00
other hours available on request
Minimum Hire is 2 hours: £59
3 hrs: £79
Half Day (4 hours): £99
5 hrs: £125
6 hrs: £155
Full Day (8 hours): £185
10 hrs: £230

Multi days with overnight setup
12 hrs: £260

Overtime: £30 per hour


Backdrop colours include in hire price:
white - black - gray
croma blue - croma green (green screen ) - pink (carnation)
Colorama paper backdrops: £10 per meter (if soiled)
Other colours available on requests: only £40 each
(if you need any special colour of backdrop, please let us know minimum 15 working days before your session)

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1G1 Belfast, floor plan.jpg
Floor plan


This is a list of the photo studio lighting equipment available for use at our studio.

All equipment is included in the standard rental price.
Please contact us to discuss specific requests.


1 x 600W studio flash head
3 x 400W studio flash heads
1 x Super Heavy Duty 120-220cm Stainless Steel Boom Arm
1 x Heavy Duty Light Stand 300cm with Casters, Adjustable Stand
2 x Heavy Duty, 3 meters Height Adjustable Light C Stand with 1.2 meters Holding Arm Grip Head
2 x Heavy Duty Light Stand 2.6 meters height with 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch Universal Adapter
3 x Radio Trigger
2 x Radio receiver
1 x  40 cm Beauty Dish
1 x Grid Diffuser for Beauty Dish
1 x Conical snoot with grid/honeycomb
2 x 120 cm Umbrellas
2 x 100×100 cm Softbox
1 x 70cm Deep Parabolic Softbox
1 x 120cm Octobox
1 x Grid for Octobox
2 x 22 x 90cm stripbox
2 x Grid for stripbox
4 x Standard reflector diffuser
8 x Transparent Color Correction Light Gels

Photography and Video productions

1 x
200W Aputure 200x Bi-colour 2700 to 6500K LED continuous Light (for video interviews)
1 x 100W Aputure 100x Bi-colour 2700 to 6500K LED continuous Light (for video interviews)

1 x 60cm Carbon Fiber Camera Track Slider Video Stabilizer Rail with 6 Bearings for DSLR Camera DV Video Camcorder Film Photography, Load up to 17.5 pounds/8 kilograms
1 x Universal Barndoor with Honeycomb & Gels
1 x Wall mounted Background Expansion Drive backdrop system with triple holder bracket
1 x Telescopic backdrop crossbar
1 x Background Expansion Drive on Heavy Duty stands
3 x Poly-boards (black&white)

1 x Reflectors (silver, gold, white, black)

1 x Reflector Holding Cross Arm Boom Stand
6 x 2.7m wide Colorama Backgrounds in white, black, grey, croma green, croma blue, pink colours.
Other colours available on request
1 x Pop Up Light Diffuser Photography Screen 150cm x 200cm White
8 x Heavy Duty sand bags, weight bags
1 x Laptop table
1 x Large white wooden box
1 x Small white wooden box
6 x chairs
2 x Power extension cables
Bluetooth and any mini jack devices speaker

MUA & Stylists

Mirror and Make-up desk
Steam Iron
Ironing board
3 x Clothes rail

1 x Sofa




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