Between Pictures Project is an ART HUB founded by visual storyteller and portraitist Mariusz Smiejek and is located in Belfast.
We are teaching workshops since 2012 and our tutor has a lot of experience in education with beginners, intermediate and advanced camera users.

Our 1G1 Studio in Belfast is available to hire for any kind of artist working on small or large project.
Additionally we are offer our space for art exhibitions and live music performances.

Ghana Through Children's Eyes was established in the UK in 2019 to support underprivileged children and families from slums of Accra and villages in Ghana. Our goal is to send to school as many underprivileged children as possible, provide them with essential school supplies as well as daily meals.

Because we believe in power of visual storytelling, we are also running photography workshops for Ghanaian children from disadvantaged backgrounds: orphanages and shelters run by local NGO. Those are children rescued from human traffickers as well as liberated child slaves who previously had worked in Volta Lake Region, a "home" to thousands of abused and beaten child slaves. We think that by teaching those kids visual storytelling, we are giving them an opportunity to talk about their issues, get them heard, empower them to drive a change in their lives.

Ghana Through Children's Eyes is non-profit initiative, and didn't receive any government or non government grants. For every pound donated, 90 pence goes into our programmes, and 10 pence goes to the administrative costs of running Ghana Through Children's Eyes and compliant non-profit project.

You can help us to take children off the street and send them to school.

Irene is 9 years old and she is deaf. She lives with her mum in slums of Accra, her dad left her as soon as he realized that she is deaf - she was only 2 years old then. She has never been to school, so she cannot communicate with anybody.

George* is around 6 y/o and he has been force to work at the lake for more than one year now.

Lake Volta in Ghana, is home to thousands of child slaves. Children as young as five (5) are sold to human traffickers. Fisherman buy these children  and pay very little money for them (a cost of a cow) turning them into slaves. They are beaten and abused, eating only once a day and working 7 days a week for 10-12 hours, starting very early in the morning.

*name changed

We Need Your Support Today!


Our Mission is to support vulnerable children, let them grow and learn. We do that by sending them to schools, so they can learn how to write and read. During photography workshops we teach them how to use the power of visual voice, so their stories can be SEEN and HEARD.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
- Nelson Mandela

We are convinced that with your help and support we can change the future of underprivileged families and children. We hope that the more children we send to schools, the greater are the chances for them securing a decent employment when they grow up. We are hoping that our initiative will raise the awareness among people about issues such as: child labour, slavery, sexual abuse, abandonment,
poverty and lack of education.


Ghana is a young nation, 40% of people (11.5million) are children under the age of 15. Around 27,000 Ghanaian children are living with HIV and more than 150,000 kids were orphaned due to AIDS.

In Accra, the capital of Ghana, thousands of young children live in slums and on the streets. Their lives consist of begging for money, selling merchandise and sadly also engaging in crimes. Most of them are child labourers who do not go to school, therefore 7 in 10 Ghanaian street children are illiterate. There are regions in this country, like Volta Lake, where child slavery is still practiced- young children are sold to fishermen, whom they call "masters". They are forced to work long hours in dangerous conditions, they cannot go to school...

We believe that it is very unfair. No child should be forced to work, all children should have a childhood, go to school and flourish in safety...

1 900 000

Ghanaian children between 5 and 17 years old are forced to work

7 in 10

Ghanaian street kids are

5 years old

Is the age at which Ghanaian children are forced to work in dangerous conditions

Meet The Team



Founder - Project Manager - Volunteer

Documentary and portrait photographer, researcher, lecturer, media and social media administrator and workshop tutor.
Belfast, UK/North of Ireland.



Team Member - Volunteer

Founder and Director at The Street Academy
Accra, Ghana.



Exhibition Curator and Photo Editor
- Volunteer

Independent photography and visual book editor.
Brittany, France.



Team Member - Volunteer

Events coordinator
Belfast, UK/North of Ireland.



Project Coordinator - Volunteer

Human Rights Research Fellow at The Legal Resources Centre in Ghana, Associate Director at The Street Academy in Accra.
Accra, Ghana.



Team Member - Volunteer

Events and media coordinator.
London, United Kingdom.



Team Member - Volunteer

Visual media editor.
Belfast, UK/North of Ireland.



Team Member - Volunteer

Belfast, UK/North of Ireland.

Interview with Ataa Lartey from The Street Academy

Who We Work With

We are collaborating with a few primary schools in Accra and shelters in Volta Region in Ghana.
We are also promoting our project through All Media Academy in Europe
(private Academy of Photography run by Mariusz Smiejek).
As we grow, we would like to expand our reach and support more schools and shelters,
we hope you can contribute to making it happen.

We are looking for any kind of support, from the media to help us to promote the project:
- private sponsors, philanthropists, businesses,
- print shops to print the exhibition and photo book's,
- cameras making companies to use the cameras during the project,
- galleries, cafe shops, cultural, community and art centres, NGO’s, schools for exhibition space and lecturing.

If you are interested to support and join us, please contact us


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