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Through Children's


We teach children how to tell their story through their eyes,using a camera.

Ghana Through Children's Eyes
Ghana Through Children's Eyes
We voluntarily run photography workshops with children at The Street Academy, Chosen Children Center and PACODEP in Accra and Volta region. Together with Ghanaian kids and international professionals, we created a photo exhibition “Ghana Through Children's Eyes” to support schools in Ghana.
26 Aug 2021, 10:00 BST – 03 Sept 2021, 17:00 BST
Unit 1G1, Belfast,
Edenderry Industrial Estate, 326 Crumlin Rd, Belfast BT14 7EE, UK

Photo Workshops for Schools and  Individuals

Between 2019 and 2022, we voluntarily conducted numbers of photography workshops with children at The Street Academy, Chosen Children Center, and PACODEP in Accra and the Volta region. Collaborating with Ghanaian children, we curated a photo exhibition titled "Ghana Through Children's Eyes," which was showcased in both the UK and Ghana.

Our aim was to raise funds during these exhibitions by selling prints (posters, postcards) featuring photographs taken by our photographers and the children involved in the project. The proceeds were dedicated to supporting as many street children as possible, facilitating their access to education. Additionally, we provided support to several NGOs and schools in Ghana by purchasing ingredients for school meals for street children, orphans, and children rescued from the Volta Lake.



Streets of Accra

Photo: Mariusz Smiejek/Between Pictures Project

Volta Region

Photo: Mariusz Smiejek/Between Pictures Project

Gallery of selected photographs taken by our little students

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Photo Exhibition
Ghana Through Children's Eyes
as a part of Accra Art Week 2021

Ghana Through Children’s Eyes. 
17th December 2021
The exhibition is the culmination of photography workshops held for children between 2019 and 2021 in Ghana.
Exhibition curated by Régina Monfort.
THE FLŌ Gallery at the Florence Hotel Accra