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Terms and Conditions

Basic price include:
- equipment (list of equipment are available here)
- up to 6 people crew and models etc. in the studio at the same time

If deposit was paid, it will be deducted of total price.


- For groups larger than 6 people and multiple sessions, extra hire charges will apply: £25/half day or £50/full day (choose "group" slots)
- Backdrops i other colours then black, white and grey are available on request and cost £35 per backdrop (has been ordered in 5 days before the access time)
- Colorama paper background: £5 per meter (if soiled)
- Overtime: £20 per hour
- Technician: £25 per hour
- The Hirer must take all the rubbish, which does not fit in the provided bins with them. In case any rubbish is left the additional fee of £35 pounds will be charged.


Be sure to schedule time to use the studio so that you are not interrupting other photographer’s shoots. The time you reserve includes your set up and clean up. There will often be people coming in right on your tail so do not go over your scheduled time, otherwise overtime fee starts 15 minutes after your scheduled session end.


The Hirer shall send all the amendments/cancellation/termination in writing via email to the Venue. If the cancellation letter has been received less than 3 working days before the access time, full fee will be charged.


- The white floors and backdrops will dirty very easily so please make sure you clean you shoes and buts before enter studio floor.
- You are welcome to move furniture to any space you like at the studio, but DO NOT DRAG the furniture across the floor. Please have someone help you to move heavy items and make sure to put the furniture back into the place it was when you came in.
- No food and drink are allowed at the studio floor area (dos not include food photo or video production)
- The Venue may only be used for the purpose(s) for which it is hired.
- The Hirer is responsible for crew/cast/guests and their behaviour and welfare
- The Hirer is responsible for any wilful or negligent loss of belongings of the Venue owners and/or damage to the Venue, furniture and equipment.  Any costs of making good will be charged to the Hirer according to the market value of the goods or quotes and/or invoices provided by the repairs company chosen by the Venue.  The Venue representative will check the area before and after the event to note any damage. We encourage you as the Hirer to allocate a member of your party to accompany the Venue representative during the inspection. If no Hirer representative is present during the inspection, the note of the damage will be done solely at the discretion of the Venue.
- No notices, decorations or signs may be attached to the fabric of the Venue without prior agreement of the Venue. Under NO circumstances can tape, staples, or any fixing be attached to the floor, furniture, pillars, railings or walls unless agreed with the Venue beforehand.
- Let the management know of any repairs, maintenance, or damage in the studio. If you come to the studio and find something that needs attention, please let management know immediately so the person before you is held responsible. If you do not report something, you could be the one held responsible by the person following.
- Carefully place the paper backdrops to wall system using the ladder,   when you are finished, please remove it and place it back to the box.
- When you are finished clear the studio floor and put all props and equipment back into the place it was when you came in, and leave the   studio as you would like it seen when you arrive for a shoot.    
- For small rubbish, please use bins provided, respect the recycling labels.
- If you have the keys from the keys box, PLEASE LEAVE THE   KEYS IN THE BOX AFTER YOU FINISHED