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Slums Life

We present this photo documentary captured by our photographer Mariusz Smiejek who was engaging with the local slums communities to better understand conditions in which they live.

Slums of Accra

Photo: Mariusz Smiejek/Between Pictures Project

Only in the capital of Ghana, Accra, large number of people who live in slums. There are a few huge underprivileged communities with dozens of thousands of people, who are very well known for high levels of crimes for example: Agbogbloshie with a scrap yard called E-waste, homeless people including hundreds of unaccompanied minors looking for any job there to survive.

The historic part of the city, Jamestown and fisherman village is located next to Agbogbloshie and it's also one of the poorest neighbourhoods of the capital, without water and sewage system with high rate of unemployment.

In the suburb of Accra, there is Darkuman district that has the biggest garage in the city with hundreds of people fixing and building cars from scrap and with dozens of small plastic recycling factories. People are working hard here for 8-9 hours every day for only 10 GHC a day (around 1.30£). It's also one of the poorest slum in the capital, inhabited by thousands of people from different parts of the country, who migrated here with hope of finding a job.

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