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Photographs are printed at the photo matt paper and are available in 3 sizes:
6 x 8 inch - £10 (+tax and shipment)
9 x 12 inch - £20 (+tax and shipment)
12 x 16 inch - £40 (+tax and shipment)
International shipment is available.

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The mask from the region of the kingdom of Dahomey Amazons, all-female military units, is one of the most unique aspects of the military of the Dahomey kingdom.
This is a fabulous African Ceremonial Female Mask originates from the Dahomey region located in Benin West Africa & depicts a female image wearing a large ceremonial headdress. She has typical scarification (skin cutting) marks to her cheeks, temples & forehead & eyes with viewing slits. Beautifully observed primitive Folk Art, it’s carved from a light weight timber. It would originally have been ornately painted & remnants of white paint can still be seen. An ancient & well used Ceremonial Mask probably employed in Fertility or Marriage rites, it shows lots of age with a few small cracks, wear & chipping to the edges & surface as shown. It is offered in completely ‘as found’ condition with a lovely patina of dust & the scent of a hot African day!